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  Immersed in a happy festival atmosphere all over the world, we finally ushered in the long-awaited Spring Festival, children put on new clothes shoes went to the reunion dinner with mom and dad, to the sound of firecrackers sounded.

  Shopping came in an endless stream, some are buying New Year pictures, some are buying necessities and some sit around the stove fire box to watch TV, there are people playing mahjong playing poker, and so on.

  Anyway, the street colourful, all kinds of people, a full range of variety of goods, full of beautiful things in eyes, I'm afraid people want to buy what all difficult to choose!




  Is cold in the winter of this year, every day I watch the weather forecast, know this several days the highest temperature to ten degrees or so. This kind of weather is easy to catch a cold, so wear more clothes. My Spring Festival to the weather is a little different, is "warm".

  My grandma and grandpa, the pa乌鲁木齐去哪看癫痫最好in, the most concerned about me, they not only care about me, but will also forgive me, give me a reason. Unlike impulse dad, I do wrong, he is not playing, is called. But also can't completely said father very impulse, as long as I'm not being naughty, my dad is very kind to me. In recent years, my performance is progress than before, was beaten, always to be changed, now they is very kind to me. I feel warm in my heart, let me forget the bone-chilling cold. Therefore, although this year's weather is so cold, but my heart is always flooded with a stream of warm current.

  Hope everybody can like me, have a happy Spring Festival.




  The Spring Festival is a big and grand festival, the Spring Festival represents the peace, happiness and reunion. I like the Spring Festival, because you can set off firecrackers, and wear new clothes, get lucky money.

  The day before the Spring Festival is New Year's eve, everybody cheerfully stick couplets on the Spring Festival,多少钱可以把癫痫病治好 in front of his home in the kitchen making dumplings, have a meal before you set off firecrackers.

  I put a lot of firecrackers, Spring Festival is "ZuanTianHou", "ZuanTianHou" fly to the sky, making sound, very nice. The second is the "big tanks", like real tanks rushed past, open to a half stopped, colorful light, beautiful! The third set is butterfly fireworks, firecrackers butterfly a fire like a rocket flying, fly far away. The fourth is cherry bomb, cherry bomb was thrown to the ground, one step also ring with their feet.

  I like Spring Festival very much, want to wish every day is the Spring Festival!





  The Spring Festival! The Spring Festival! Every household blissfully unaware.

  My home is not exceptional also, my house with a beautiful Spring Festival couplets, window stickers, or pattern of the rabbit!

  The day of the year 30, at four o 'clock in the afternoon, we all ready to go out to dinner. Before leaving the m大连治疗癫痫病的公立医院other call I write wishes on the red envelopes, grandpa likes sports lottery tickets, I will write on grandpa's red envelopes: wish grandpa lottery prize; Grandpa love playing mahjong, grandpa I will write on the envelope: wish grandpa mahjong table to make more money; Grandma and grandma I write I wish them good health! At the dinner table, I for mother give red envelopes to old people, adults also gave me lucky money, the adults wish me a happy New Year, learning progress, to the next level!

  Shining words of blessing, she thanks hovering in the ear, my heart warm warm, sweet.





  The New Year is coming soon, my father and I are going to conduct a thorough cleaning, clean for the coming New Year.

  In the afternoon, we began to the tense and busy cleaning. I go liuxue86.com to study finishing the book, I put the books back on the shelf, then, dad put me sort of clean again. Before long, bookcase, desk is wiped clean. Then, we began to clean the Windows, dad with cleaning the Wi河南去哪里治疗癫痫专业性更强ndows tools brush back and forth on the glass, with old newspapers to wipe it again, the glass is bright. Look at books neatly, bright window, my heart joy bloom.

  I guess, my mom came home from work will be a big surprise.











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